Metal fabricating technology has taken us from a drawing compass to computer controlled lasers for accuracy and fast turnaround. Ours is an ever increasing effort to provide unsurpassed quality and service to our customers.

Unique Features Make The Difference In Performance

  • Superior cutting power that ensures high-speed processing accuracy—5000 watt peak.
  • Automated material handling and an easily accessed processing area makes set-up and
    changes easier, allowing for JIT delivery.
  • Diamond Path™ advanced beam delivery system provides a consistent edge quality
    over the 60” x 120” processing area.
  • Revolutionary cross-flow resonator generates maximum processing capability and flexibility across a wide range of materials and thicknesses, including steel up to 1” thick, 3/8” aluminum, and 1/2” stainless.
  • Just-in-time delivery on short and medium runs with no tooling cost.
  • Complex parts with various configurations can be easily processed.

The Pulsar 2415NT 4,000W Production Laser System continues the latest developments in machine, CNC and laser resonator technologies. In contrast to the traditional “jack-of-all-trades” laser cutting machine, the Pulsar 2415NT is a specialist in high production of short run sheet metal parts.

Unique Features Make The Difference In Performance

  • Synchronized stainless steel rollers and a high speed capacitive head provide high throughput of scratch-free stainless and aluminum parts.
  • Stealth clamps reduce dead zones and maximize material utilization.
  • Full machine width work chute automatically unloads large parts and allows flexibility in the
    location of the lead-in/lead-out points. The machine configuration allows several parts to
    be unloaded simultaneously, increasing throughput.
  • The high speed CNC incorporates a cutting data library and available network interface. The
    turbine driven, RF excited, fast axial flow CO2 laser automatically calibrates itself
    at power-up, ensuring 
    parameter repeatability.
  • Requires less than half the floor space of previous generation Production Laser Systems,
    with the material 
    moving in only one direction, the laser mounted on the frame and
    a pendant mount control system.
  • OVS – Optical Vision System adds increased efficiency in laser cutting pre-punched blanks.
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