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For more than 48 years, Salem Metal has had an outstanding reputation as a family-run, full-service job shop serving all industries. We specialize in panels, brackets, enclosures, and sub-assemblies, but our modern facility is equipped to handle everything from precision sheet-metal fabrication and sophisticated CNC machining to spray painting—with all the expert design and engineering assistance our customers need.

Laser Processing

Our Mitsubishi LV Laser features superior cutting power & high-speed accuracy.


Large production orders are easily processed with our Amada MP auto load/unload systems.

Press Brake Forming

Our precision press brakes are also capable of complex part formations via an eight-axis back gauge system.

Engineering & Inspection

Our advanced quality inspection system improves quality and customer satisfaction automatically.

Lights Out Manufacturing

Unattended operation enables round-the-clock production for faster turnaround on long run jobs.

Machining Services

High-performance & high-speed precision machining for reduced cycle times & faster turnaround.

Quality Services. Quality Products.

Our highly experienced team can quickly respond to your quote requests and questions, ensuring you receive a quality product delivered on time at a competitive price.

At Salem Metal, we understand that the quality of our services translates directly to the quality of our customers’ products. That’s why our customers keep coming back-and so will you!

“Quality, on-time delivery and fair pricing is our formula for the success and promise to our customers.”

James E. Vining
Executive Vice President


Let us help you with your next project! We have a cohesive team of 60 precision craftsmen that will provide you with affordable, detail-orientated, flexible services ranging from metal work to finishing and painting.
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Our Middleton factory boasts a fully air-conditioned and temperature controlled facility with 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area, 5,000 sq. ft. of storage and an in-house paint facility to better serve our customers’ needs.
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We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to retain and befriend our clients. Whether it is via phone, fax, email or Facebook, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!

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Services Overview

We provide detail-orientated, flexible services to the electronics and telecommunication industries, as well as a variety of medical-device producers and computer manufacturers. In addition we have in-house painting, welding and finishing facilities. Our services include the following; Laser Processing, Punching, Press Brake Forming, Engineering, Machining, Welding & Painting.

Laser Cutting

About Us

Salem Metal, Inc. is a full-service family run shop specializing in panels, brackets, enclosures, and sub-assemblies. Our modern facility is equipped to handle everything from precision sheet-metal fabrication, sophisticated CNC machining to spray painting. Our highly experienced team is ready to respond to your questions or needs. Your Vision. Our Precision. ®


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