We uphold a quality culture and to embrace quality as a core value at SMI, we recognize that “quality is a cornerstone of precision.” Our precision is our promise to our customers to deliver their vision with the highest quality


As we create a culture of accountability and to support accountability as a core value at SMI, we emphasize that “the rules apply to everyone.” “Everyone” is a top-down and bottom-up approach to creating and maintaining routines that enforce accountability as a cultural norm.


We strive for a collaborative culture and to support collaboration as a SMI core value, we emphasize that “we all need to help each other.” Being helpful is a mindset that underscores the importance that our interdependent relationships play in the ability of all of us to achieve our best performance and deliver our highest value.


Safety is a priority at SMI. As an SMI core value, we acknowledge the importance of “a safe working environment” to maintain a stable culture. We emphasize all measures of safety for the benefit of everyone.


To create a culture of integrity and to support integrity as an SMI core value, we expect that “we will treat each other with integrity.” Acting with
integrity demands that we behave decently, honestly, and ethically to all and with respect to the company.


We value continuous improvement in our culture and to reinforce continuous improvement as an SMI core value, we will “constantly evaluate and improve our processes.” Continuous improvement is a mindset that seeks incremental improvements over time and embraces breakthrough improvements for us to achieve our best performance and deliver our highest value.






Continuous Improvement

About Us

Salem Metal, Inc. is a full-service family run shop specializing in panels, brackets, enclosures, and sub-assemblies. Our modern facility is equipped to handle everything from precision sheet-metal fabrication, sophisticated CNC machining to spray painting. Our highly experienced team is ready to respond to your questions or needs. Your Vision. Our Precision. ®


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